Working from Home in the Philippines – Problems and Perks

One of the best things that has ever happened to me was 1stwebdesigner, and I’ll never leave even if you hold me at gunpoint!

Anyway, it’s not much, but this is my offering to you guys, since I know some of you have been itching to see me on cam. :o

No second takes and no script (partly because I’m too lazy) so please forgive me for some rather unpleasant moments!

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11 comments on “Working from Home in the Philippines – Problems and Perks
  1. James Richman says:

    Very positive emotions after this Rean.
    Thanx a lot mate.

    That’s the way to roll.
    Nice shirt and looking soooo cute. Well hell of a sexy man I must say.

    So natural and interesting video all together.
    Also interesting facts like electricity blackouts.

    This is exactly what I needed tonight.

    Looking forward to your next videos :)

    • Rean says:

      Thanks, James!

      You’ll probably never see another Asian man as sexy as I am. Kidding. haha

      I’ll cover more interesting stuff on my next video, something that may or may not shock you guys.


  2. Oh Rean, I am so thankful for you doing this amazing video! You got so much mixed emotions throughout the video for me – I was impressed, I was laughing, I was thinking..then I was again laughing and then I related with your story – felt a bit sad and then again positive, grateful! :)

    I knew about Internet connection, but didnt know about such frequent outages! Oh my – several times per day? I hate when my Internet gets slow some times (well, not the new one), but nothing near what you need to live with! You will make good parent – you are used to little annoying things!

    On serious note – super glad you are with our team, and I was grateful that you feel so kind about all of us in the team – I feel the same way! Cannot wait to finally meet you, ah – coming to Philippines – ah..need to prepare for bad internet and frequent outages..storms…oh it will be fun ;D

    • Rean says:

      Hi Dainis, thanks for the comment!

      Rewatching the video, it’s as you say. Mixed emotions and I was laughing, told myself, “why did I say that?” :D

      What I failed to mention about internet connection is it’s getting better. Remember, just a month ago we can’t even talk on Skype during certain hours, and that now it’s okay just about anytime? The service has gotten better! And new plans are available as well, so you won’t have to worry about slow internet when you guys visit here. ;)

      But yeah, anyone who has lived in the Philippines, even for just a week, will know how important it is to save any work every other minute. haha

      See you soon! Thanks!

  3. Spencer Forman says:

    I loved this video… let me count the ways:

    1) You are exceptionally good on camera. So relaxed and confident ;-)

    2) You organized your thoughts into such an easy to follow manner

    3) I have a new appreciation for your situation, and how unique it must be to have to deal with the spotty internet and other technical challenges… on top of simply creating and editing good content. We take it for granted here that we will have “some” connection all the time.

    4) I too am really super excited to get together with everyone in the Philippines… and am bringing some extra paper and bottles with corks to be sure I can stay in touch with the mainland!


    • Rean says:

      Hi Spence!

      Thanks! It’s the thought of people watching me that’s making me nervous, but not while recording, so I guess that’s a plus. :D

      Internet service is getting better everyday while outages are becoming common, but it’s really not that serious (or I’m just used to it by now). This is why I absolutely love cloud services. Some people would wonder what’s the thing about them, but they have saved me several times now!

      Just a few months more and we’ll finally meet, I’ll make it sure that you guys enjoy your stay here. Looking forward to it!


  4. Hi Rean

    Awesome video and you look really comfortable in doing videos.

    3 facts mentioned in the video is also valid for me here in Sri Lanka. Here also we have internet connection problems and power cuts. But its not as bad as what you are having.

    Last point is absolutely correct. No one here beleives we can stay home and earn money. If I say we did a project and earn big money, some of them will beleive. But If I say it’s possible to earn 150USD for single article, no one will beleive and they will think I am crazy.

    Thats why I am having trouble quitting my job. I just keep my job to show that I am a web developer with good job. But really want to do is full time writing :)

    Sounds crazy isnt it.

    Thanks for the awesome video and looking forward to your next one.

    • Rean says:

      Hi Rakhitha,


      Things are getting better, less power cuts now, I think I heard it in the news that there’s been a series of rotating blackouts because they were short of fuel or something, but they’re recovering now. :) But yeah, it’s still a problem – it comes when you least expect it to happen!

      Believe it or not, during my internship I was only paid $30 monthly. And I was already happy. When I got my first job I was paid $150 monthly and I told myself that it was wonderful, what an upgrade! It’s the same here, people will think it’s crazy!

      Heh, soon you’ll find yourself working online fulltime, it’s a revolution that no one can stop!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Karl Marty Balingit says:

    Hey Rean awesome video!

    As a fellow Filipino freelancer, I can totally relate to the 3 points that you stated. You never know when a brownout will happen since they don’t announce those anyway and the internet isn’t as fast as it should be annnnd it can get lonely working alone. BUT to me the perks of freelancing far outweighs the negative aspects so its all good! :)

    We didn’t get a chance to formally meet yet since i’m new here in the 1WD team but looking forward to knowing you more!


    • Rean says:

      Hi Karl, thanks!

      Sometime this week we should have a group conversation with Michael (another pinoy!) to formally introduce ourselves to each other. I’m always excited whenever a Filipino-sounding name appears on my notifications, it makes working online a little less lonely, don’t you think? :)

      What’s your ISP? I use SmartBro, and their service is becoming better and a little stable, but I’m looking on getting 7.2Mbps soon (haha).

      Last question, san ka sa Pinas?


      • Karl Marty Balingit says:

        Sounds good!

        Our ISP right now is Globelines at 1Mbps =| Wow 7.2 Mbps is pretty fast for Philippine speed.haha!

        Oh and I live in Iloilo City :)

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