Today can be the first day of the rest of YOUR life… it is for me

As I hope you see in the video, I’ve recently come to a crossroads of sorts. Something immensely important in my life was changed, without warning. Over the last week, this has caused me a great deal of introspection about myself, my present, and my future. It has also caused some physical problems to magnify.

Yet this sudden “pain” has had an unexpected outcome. It has also, incredibly, synchronized almost exactly with the MindValley video Dainis just posted, as well as our new journey as a “team” here at 1wd.

I hope that my own experience can also serve as an inspiration to our freelance web designer readers as well as to our team. It doesn’t matter whether you are 23 and starting out, or 46 like me, with some mileage on my odometer. The rules of the Universe are “universal” (pun intended), and we can apply them in our personal and professional lives every day… if only we open ourselves up to them.

I welcome your comments, and truly appreciate all the support you have given me this week. Today is the first day of the rest of MY life… I hope it is for you as well ;-)


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3 comments on “Today can be the first day of the rest of YOUR life… it is for me
  1. Dainis says:

    Oh Hey Spencer, and here I can say to you – how much I loved your passionate you are fighting to understand, get out again! These falls are always super tough, but I am surprised how you already seem revived in such short time! :) Hope you will be able to stick to it, and family situation will just going to improve! I think this is the most personal video I’ve ever seen from you, thanks for letting us in :)

    There was this saying I find right for this time – “It’s not how we fall. It’s how we get back up again.”

    • Dainis says:

      BTW By saying gratitude each day, you can make yourself 25% happier, that’s what Vishen told as well – and I am doing it for 2 months already..totally works :) And you seem happier too already at least a little bit! :)

    • Spencer Forman says:

      Hi Dainis, thanks for watching.

      I will admit to you, and here publicly… that I seem to be riding a wave of highs and lows, and I expect this to continue for some time.

      This morning was a big step, and as I stated in the video, I feel I have no choice but to move forward in meaningful ways to (quite literally) survive this physical ailment. I had mainly “highs” today, but it was interspersed with a few lows, even as I write this.

      My ulcer is presently causing me that “feedback loop” that makes me very anxious and feeling a sense of “doom”. It’s hard on me emotionally, because even though I know what is causing it (my parasympathetic nervous system) my body reacts as if it was real…drains me out like someone running the smoke detector alarm all day long by pushing down on the “test” button ;-)

      I will share with our team and in this blog my progress, if you think that would be interesting… as I’m sure health and well-being are foundations for anyone who wants to lead a happy life.

      As freelancers, there can be a lot of stressful and scary things out there to overcome, not much different than in personal life. I hope that my own little “challenge” here can serve as a bit of a role model for others, and show that we all face unexpected hurdles and changes at every stage of life.

      I really loved Vishen’s speech, and I know we are going to implement many of the company models here at 1wd. I found the practice or gratitude really does work, and I’ve been trying it for some time as part of stress reduction, Reiki, and general meditation. James Altucher also refers to the idea of making “lists” every day, and that seems to help a lot too. Perhaps it is the conditioning of one’s mind to think of the positives, and to get rid of the negatives by “zapping” them mentally, that helps to bring an overall sense of well-being?

      Either way, I will certainly enjoy looking back on this little “bump in the road” of my life with a sense of personal growth and accomplishment, and hopefully others who are sharing similar issues in our community can find some solace that this is a very common and very human occurrence. We all have to face it at some point or another.

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