Week In Review, MindValley Idea – Profit Sharing? Yes!

In this sunny saturday I will share my excitement of our team work this week, how we are really pushing boundaries and love how we came out better this week! Thank you all! Click on headline to see my video below!

Don’t forget to check this MindValley video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8ZFU4FoNvY – I need to hear your thoughts and ideas on his suggestions on team culture! What we can implement more of?

And yes, profit sharing, innovation fund – I will talk about that as well! Motivational system is coming up to encourage all of us work like team even more and actually take ownership over 1WD! Oh man, I won’t be only guy standing on top, come on – there is a lot of space in top, if you are so adventurous and not afraid to START and FINISH your ideas!

I have some news for you guys! As you know we are working hard on team building. One painful thing for me is how to show my appreciation, how to make payment system reasonable and engaging for you to really have us work all together on one goal – growing and succeeding with 1WD?


As you know over years I am increasing payments for articles, monthly payments to full time team members, but still, something didn’t seem right.


..until I watched MindValley video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8ZFU4FoNvY

  • Going in state of flow. How do you get in state of flow – you have to be happy in the now where you are, second – you have to have vision, what you want your life to be.
  • Stress and anxiety state – not happy right now. Best shape – where you are happy in where you are and you have amazing dreams.

Right, I wanted you to watch this MindValley Vishen presentation and let me know how and what do you think we could implement from these ideas? Common office may be too big for now, but anything else you think we could do virtually? Sharing gratitude?

Some of the practices and ideas

They use in this regard are: “45-5 rule”, which indicates each employee get 5 hour to learn something new beside 45 hours of working per week, each employee can share what he has learned with others, and sending its employees for conferences and trainings which helped them to grow personally and professionally.

The senior talent manager indicated “We believe, the more you invest in your mind, your knowledge and your experiences, the richer you will be”. This is how Mindvalley has been able to grow 23-25 year old employees to managers running $2-3 billion businesses within one year.

Meritocracy: On top of their salaries, Mindvalley employees vie for a share of 10% of the company’s profits. There’s an “elaborate algorithm” involved, I’m told, but 5% of the profits are distributed based on a company-wide vote. The top 5 employees get featured in the annual Awesomeness Report, and they’re lined up in front of the room to hear praise and comments on their performance.

  • “If I dare to stick my neck out, there’s almost no politics in this company,” says Ngeow. Sounds like personal growth to me.
  • Awesomeness report – what did you do, celebrate successes of previous week. Profits grew 100%. Recognise employees who did something cool and new.
  • Do not focus on problem, but on the vision. Learn to manage your mind, learn not to allow your mind to think negatively.
  • You are happy when you work on making others happy.


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11 comments on “Week In Review, MindValley Idea – Profit Sharing? Yes!
  1. James Richman says:

    Hey Dainis

    Really great video once again.
    You slowly become a celebrity.

    So far I’ve watched every single episode of The Dainis’ Show

    I think we have started 2013 with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.
    Considering it’s still only January (Can You believe it? It was 2012 only a month ago)

    I personally think innovation fund is going to be one of the most powerful 1WD’s weapons
    That’s what I understand with Freedom.

    The ability to take initiative, experiment, test, and stick our neck out.
    And fail every time until we find what works.

    Then, as a bonus on the top of that getting rewarded for it sounds beyond the normal.
    And I’m sure others can agree with me that 1WD is not your normal, regular company.

    Thanx to the values we already have here, we can get results beyond the normal.

    I’m Happy Where I Work, Because I Can Make Others Happy!
    Who Agrees With Me Here Please?

    • Dainis says:

      Hey James, thank you so much!

      Oh yes, so much have happened over the last month this year..and few months before..seems much longer :)

      I will start adding this starting from February, need to figure out a way, how to make it physical account, so that money is really separate.

      Well, now we will see how many of you are actually ready to take the leap – start and finish something!

      I am much happier to work especially for last three months because of you all, inspiration and support really helps!

  2. Spencer Forman says:

    Hi Dainis,
    this was a terrific video. I particularly enjoyed the fact that you seem genuinely excited about our new direction. Two years in the making… but I feel it too… we finally have a TEAM ;-)

    It’s a great start… I’m excited!

    • Dainis says:

      Hey Spencer,
      Oh yes – I am indeed very excited! And love the fact, that it looks like we have finally found the way to work together, complement each other! And our work, team work – will only become better!

      Yes, for the best 2013 ever!

  3. Marc Davison says:

    Dainis, your enthusiasm and desire to make 1WD more than just a blog is inspiring.

    It’s got my mind racing about how I can contribute in a more tangible way and I have some ideas that I think may fit that bill.

    Haven’t had time to watch the MindValley video yet. When I have watched it I will comment further.

    I like the idea of the innovation fund, and the profit sharing could be a good thing too.

    • Dainis says:

      Marc, 1WD has been just a blog for far too long, if we don’t push ourselves, then we will stop growing ourselves personally and will get bored. I got there, it’s not cozy place to be – much better is to be happy with place you are now..and have amazing vision for future in the same time!

      Looking forward to your ideas then! I really appreciate the fact, that you really engage with us, show support, add valuable thoughts, advice – really helpful! :) I am thankful!

      Please watch that video – it really opens mind what can be possible in career, team building. We don’t need to work for work..just to earn money – it is really possible to go so much further. Be successful, happy..work with great, inspiring team members.

  4. Sufyan says:

    *Listening to The Dainis TV on a weekend: PRICELESS!*

    Wonderful video, and I’m really excited about the new innovation fund concept, in particular. This step can go a long way in fostering team building as well as coming up with new ways to take 1WD a step ahead. :-)

    • Dainis says:

      Haha, Sufyan – now I am always careful when you say something nice! It’s so uncommon – I bet it comes hard from you :) Would love to hear your thoughts after you watch MindValley video – concept is still a bit blurry, it will take bits of trial and error to get solution which really works.

      It would be awesome to work hard as team..support each other, do much bigger things we couldn’t do alone!

  5. Dainis says:

    Funny thing was..when I was showing your comments to my girlfriend she said – of course they will say nice things to you – they work with/for you! Made me think – that more productive feedback would be cool.

    What do you think about actual steps on how we can move to profit sharing model? Do you find it motivating..and most importantly – would it encourage you to try new things, build new systems..?

    And You all really need to watch MindValley video, take notes, while doing so – and leave your most important takeaways, ideas this video presentation gave to you! Thank you all for support!

    Btw..if you can tell me – one thing I could improve in my video to become better for the next time? Some annoying words, not good pronunciation in some place, video is too long – what would you change in there? Marc ( would love bit of language advice), Spencer – video/audio mistakes, that could be improved? cannot get rid of echo in room..even with shotgun mic..it seems i need to get specialist advice.. James? Rean? Sufyan?

  6. Rean says:

    Great videos. I actually had to stop watching and tell my younger brother about MindValley and your plans for the team and he was very keen on listening.

    I’m equally excited about the innovation fund and profit sharing. Profit sharing will not only increase morale and, well, revenue..it will also make us put to great use that innovation fund. Imagine all the possibilities!

    Please try wearing red or blue or yellow. haha

    Back to serious talk.

    Just a week ago I was confused at where 1WD’s going, but right now I see it clearly. I’m happy because in all the years I’ve been working here, I have seen 1WD evolve from just another web design blog to something totally different and unique. We are scattered across the globe but I can feel that we’re getting closer as a team.

    I think that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to hear more about innovation fund and profit sharing model, the hows and whats of things.

    • Dainis says:

      Haha, your brother is interesting ;D Good leadership skills – to get brother watching, bad that he’s not ready for good work with us, you have good influence over him :)

      Well, I think it will help with future vision – not only be happy where we are, but look forward on achieving more, growing more!

      Surprised you didnt mention pink ;D I will stick to this outfit, so I develop my persona however, though on special occasions..you never know :)

      Yes, I can relate you with that, love this feeling as well! I don’t think we have really got this before..new better feelings. Means a lot to me when you say you are happy and you see now clearly :)

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