Our New System And The Way We Organize Things

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  1. James Richman says:

    I tried to keep the explanation of our changes as simple as possible, to makes sure I don’t leave you even more confused.

    Obviously it’s all about trial and error. When implementing these changes there will be something new we will learn and discover and something we won’t find useful.

    Now is the time where you can let everyone know your thoughts! :)

    Discuss Away!

  2. Dainis says:

    Talking about Basecamp vs Trello – i am not sure if trello can replace Basecamp, and I am not sure we will be actually using two systems.. seems too much!

    Thank you for video James, loved it..and of course, cannot wait for thoughts too!

    Most importantly I think especially this week everybody should update their bins daily..and James need to be pushing for it, just to get us used to the system.

    So starting tomorrow? Action plan – steps to do it?

    • James Richman says:

      Defo Dainis. I will have a Skype call with you tomorrow to be crystal clear about our next steps.
      And then from tomorrow I will start to help our team switch over to our new system ;)

  3. Sufyan says:

    IMO, The only drawback with Basecamp is that over time, as the content and discussions grow, the interface becomes less stream-lined.

  4. James Richman says:

    I believe all the finished tasks/discussions can be archived and even the live update feed should be for a running month.
    Then once the next month starts new fresh feed is being created and the old ones can be either disposed or archived.

    But let’s hear other’s thoughts too.

  5. Marc says:

    What is the other system that Sufyan was talking about? Can we see a link, as I couldn’t understand what the site was called in the video.

    Another benefit to the calendar will be knowing when people are out of town/unable to be reached in a traditional sense for work related questions.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of these changes implemented, and I think once we decide on the system to use, we need to come up with a group definition of what the expectations are for things to be seen in the room.

    As an example, I will not have much of a live feed as it’s not something I care to spend time doing. I will probably make use of it occasionally to let everyone know when I have started editing an e book, maybe once more to let everyone know if I am still on track to meet the deadline, and a final time when it is finished.

    It’s important we start focusing on a few things at a time rather than the grand plans. It’s good to have the grand plans in mind, but quite often they distract from accomplishing the steps needed to achieve them.

    • James Richman says:

      The system Sufyan is talking about is Trello

      And regards a group definition – that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.
      I’ll have a call with Dainis tomorrow to have a crystal clear action plan.

      Then I will create my Room to show everyone how it is suppose to look like and work.
      Well, and then we work on improving what isn’t still as effective and keep what works.

      Regards live update. That’s just what would work. You see it depends on a task you are working on.
      Live feed is just to keep everyone update how close you are to meet a deadline or reasons why it hasn’t been finished yet.

      I will definitely have few more videos explaining so no one is left confused and everyone works seamlessly.
      And I’m also having few more Skype calls with everyone to walk them through any confusion.

  6. Spencer Forman says:

    Hi James and gang,

    I have a few suggestions, having used Trello….

    I suggest we don’t use it.

    Trello is very very unique in the way that it has to be used. And causes one to have to modify yourself to fit the system… meh.

    I suggest we either go with the simplified basecamp model (each of us having our own project with only 3 main streams in it) OR I setup a WordPress P2 installation so we can share that way (which is one large live stream, but one that can be filtered easily by each person.

    With the basecamp new model, it would be easy to see all action across all personal projects by using the “progress” link and email updates.

    Either way, please let’s not get on to another system that has way more features than we need (last year it was Yammer… etc)

    Nice vid James! ;-)

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