Let The Good Times Roll

Yada, yada!!

Austria – Dainis is on his way!

Enjoy your time

Looking forward to see you back! ;)

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29 comments on “Let The Good Times Roll
  1. Agota says:

    Hello, everyone!

    It’s nice to see 1WD getting more and more organized.

    James, congratulations on your new role as a CEO, I think you’ll do great!

    Dainis, I think this new order is a great decision, both for the business and for you personally. Thumbs up! Btw, your video made me miss proper Eastern European style winter.. Have a nice trip, enjoy the snow! :D

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Agota

      Thank you a lot and I’m sure we will do great all together ;)

      I’ll get in touch with you to schedule our call Agota

      Talk To You Soon!

    • Dainis says:

      Hey Agota, thank you – I really think so too, it is a big decision, but I am not worried, which proves for me that it is the right decision to do.

      Oh yes, for several years I hated winter..until I learned again to have some fun in winter.. :) Makes it such great experience..cannot wait for the trip to get away for a bit.

      Good luck on working with James :)

  2. Marc says:

    Looks like a congratulations is in order…so congratulations to both Dainis and James. It’s nice to see the organization that we’ve now become laid out in a very plain and simple manner. I think this will streamline things, and ultimately make us more efficient, effective and successful in the long run.

    Also, what was that that Dainis mentioned about a May trip? He’s going to the Phillipines? That was a bit confusing, because it sounded like he wants us all there and if that’s the case, I need the details ASAP as the next few months are very busy for me.

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Marc

      Thank you mate :)

      We have to think of 1WD as a real business/company and no more just as a blog.
      Simply because it is not.

      Yes, I purposely have designer The new team’s structure in as simple way as possible.
      There is no need to make it complicated if it actually is not.

      And instead of making a massive announcement of another Big Change coming I decided to take to more calm and relaxed style.
      Of working individually with every one of you.

      I will get in touch with you to schedule our call mate ;)

      Talk To You Soon!

    • Dainis says:

      Marc, thank you! James will fill in more with details – I really agree, we need some better organisation, which will be key for our work together and success.

      Oh I should have explained Marc, trip applies to several people in team, who are full-time with us., fully dedicated with us.

      It includes for now – Spencer, James, Rean, Michael, Karl, me.

  3. Jamal says:

    All I have to say is one thing……………………………………………………………………………………………….


    I like the energy and more importantly the philosophy James. Everything with 1WD seems to be moving in a great direction, and its nice the way Dainis broke down the new role and contact system with his amazing design skills. Seriously, I might need a lesson or two.

    We have the team and talent here, so all that is left in my eyes is for everyone to just get to work and have fun with it.

    SN: I don’t know why ,but for some reason I want to go to snowboarding… I blame how Dainis ended his vid by reminding me how much I use to love wearing the goggles back in the 90s. So I guess I really just want to buy some new goggles????? Ehhh, I’ll figure it out later.

    • Dainis says:

      Hey Jamal,
      oh I can easily teach you thing or two.. I will think of special tutorials to show how to achieve quality 3d sketched effect..;D

      Oh yes, Jamal – I completely agree with you.

      Haha, goggles are pretty cool thing yeah ..:D Shame, that cannot wear them all the time, need to go to hills to blend in ;D

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Jamal

      Thank you mate :)
      Yes Dainis’ whiteboard art was very easy to understand. (and ouh, his talent. 3D logo after all :] )

      And you have definitely understood it the right way :)
      We really have The ultimate team and we have amazing talent between us.

      And now I will work individually with every one of you to get all of us to use The great L.E.A.D.E.R. system on daily basis.

      I will get in touch with you soon to schedule our call.

      Talk To You Soon!

  4. Michael Burns says:

    First of all congratulations James you deserved to be a leader because of your energy and amazing ability. To Dainis, well done on the presentation there. I know you are a great designer from the very fist place. Have a safe trip Dainis with that cool winter outfit.

    Good luck to every one of us. Ciao! (Bow)

    • Dainis says:

      Hey Michael, oh yes – glad you agree and are very optimistic as well!

      Haha, thank you for kind comment on my skills ;D And yes, got insurance and I will be safe on skiing, thanks :)

      Good luck to every one of us!

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Michael

      Thank you very much for your congrats :)
      I am really glad we get in with each other in our team, which is a crucial part to have a great team.

      And really looking forward to what is ahead of us.

      I will get in touch with you to schedule our call mate ;)

      Talk To You Soon!

  5. Christian says:

    Well it looks like changes are happening here at 1WD and I am glad to see exciting, competent people taking over the work you have done until now Dainis. I am also extremely glad to be back at 1WD and I am looking forward to my new soon-to-be full-time position.

    As for James, inspiration as always. We only worked together for a week now but I feel that us two can have a good collaboration, so I look forward to that James!

    • Dainis says:

      Hey Christian, I am really glad you were eager to get back and work you did already prove you are very skilled designer and writer :)

      James is a great guy and I bet you will enjoy working with him and of course Rean!

    • James Richman says:

      Ahoy Christian

      Thank you mate for your kind words.
      I am on the other hand really excited to work with such competent web designers like you!

      So as I have said many times before – Great to have you in our team!
      And us to will definitely have good collaboration with out a doubt.

      I will get in touch with you to schedule our call mate ;)

      Talk To You Soon.

  6. Hi James

    First I would like to congratulate on your new position as the CEO.

    Once again it was great video from dainis explaining everything clearly. Have a nice trip dainis :)

    Also sad to hear that Sufyan has left 1stWD.

    Concept of being a leader to each other can be really effective as you mentioned. Once again entertaining video from you. Looking forward to working with you on your new job role and future plans for 1stWD as the leader.

    • Dainis says:

      Heh Rakhitha, took a bit fun approach, thank you :)

      Yes, unfortunately with Sufyan we had tough time working together effectively and it didnt change for several months. We had to split ways to keep team real strong.

      I am sure James will do great job there on implementing the system :)

    • James Richman says:

      Hi Rakhitha

      And first thing I would like to do is Thank you for your kind words mate ;)

      There is a lot of bright and positive emotions to look forward, so let’s do that!

      I will get in touch with you to schedule our call.

      Talk To You Soon!

  7. Rean says:

    1WD is moving forward once more! It’s really nice to see 1WD go through various stages, from a somewhat disorganized mob to an actual company with a good structure. Cheers to James, big responsibility for you – don’t forget to reach out in case you are in need of any help; Dainis, more free time for you and finally you will get what you’ve been wishing for all these years. As for being the EIC, it’s been like that for years now since Saad went on his own way, and as some of you may know already, I’m a little disappointed because Sufyan left 1WD – I was aiming to relinquish any titles so that I can focus on writing (something I truly love), but things happened and here we are again. But I’m beginning to be fine with that (again), especially with Michael cheering on me. In any case, let us all work together. It’s only been two weeks since we decided on things for 1WD’s articles but I can clearly see things moving forward.


    What should we expect for the next month, for the entire year, and the next? 1WD has been on a series of little wars and reforms and it has left many of us confused, scattered, and we even lost great talents. It would be reassuring if you can tell us your plans for the next month, for the rest of the year, and the next.


    We have the same handwriting.

    That’s all, ciao!

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Rean

      1WD is definitely moving forward and I cannot see a reason for it to stop or even slow down.
      There just isn’t one.

      As I mentioned in the video I will have a schedule with you to talk about everything in a much greater detail.
      There is no reason to make a massive announcement video about yet another big changes coming.

      Why leave people confused and scared? :) naaah we don’t need that!
      Instead a short video explaining my new foundation system L.E.A.D.E.R. and individual work with everyone will get us where we deserve to be.

      We are individuals with individual circumstances and preferences. So I cannot imagine using the same words to improve something for everyone.

      So I will schedule a call with you mate ;)

      Talk To You Soon!

  8. Dainis says:

    Rean, oh yes – lots of good and lots of bad things have happened over past years. But we stay dedicated, fight through our way for greater success! :)

    With good team I hope you as editor will have less work on editing articles, more time to master copywriting and seo keyword research… and well, then – keeping up with new trends, competitor research, article ideas – you have huge responsibility.

    Articles we publish is our most visible part, part you take care of! :)

    Let’s see you succeed both as editor as writer and as leader for writers!

    James, already told me how he plans to do that, so just await his call. Great question Rean!

  9. Daniel says:

    Nice to see things moving again!

    @Dainis: Next time you plan a trip to Austria, don’t forget to stop by in Vienna too, or I’ll get mad! :P

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Daniel
      Exactly – Moving is the only way!
      I even personally don’t like standstill as such, and not even pauses.

      I will get in touch with you to finally schedule our Skype call.

      Talk To You Soon Mate!

  10. Spencer Forman says:

    Some of my favorite new videos.. Dainis, love the new “schtick”…and be safe on the slopes! James, you’re production and quality levels have become “top notch”… congratulations on your new position ;-)

    Here’s to our team’s success in 2013!

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Spencer
      I also loves his new “schtick” very stylish :)

      And thank you Spence for your kind words. I guess I had an amazing teacher. Thanx for that Spence.

      2013 will be a great year, woohoo :)

      I will get in touch with you to schedule our call!

      Talk To You Soon!

  11. Karl Marty Balingit says:

    Hey guys!

    After seeing the videos it got me all excited again about the progress of 1stwebdesigner and what it holds for all us in the near future. Congratulations to Dainis and James for the upgrade in roles. I believe James is the right guy for the “CEO” position and I will do my best on my part to fulfill my role on the team.

    Anyways, have fun in Austria Dainis! Wish I could come! lol. :)

    More power to 1WD!

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Karl

      Well I’m excited to here you being excited That’s the way it should be.
      Thank you Karl for your very kind words.

      I’m also pleased to see that you are ready to do your best!

      I will get in touch with you to schedule our call mate

      Talk To You Soon

  12. Darren says:

    Sounds good, let’s see how this executes. Like the fact you’re trying to build something different than all other blogs, one thing I think you should add while executing is data-driven KPIs (tracking which are most shared posts etc) so you have some good idea of what people like.

    • James Richman says:

      Hey Darren

      Thank you a lot for your support mate
      And Data-Driven KPI’s is definitely a good idea.

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