Bye beard, hello community!


Five months ago I promised to be 150% dedicated to the task of building the community.

As of today we’re really off to a great start.

We’ve had hundreds of students enroll, and some incredible success stories already. Each webinar we host has been drawing in hundreds more freelance web designers who are looking for guidance on how to launch monetize their talents. It feels really wonderful to be able to help these eager attendees to take the first steps towards success.

Along the way I lost my beard of ten years, and about 25 pounds (I think it was all in my chin!)… and I feel great. I look forward to the next six months of 2013 even more than the first!

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One comment on “Bye beard, hello community!
  1. Oh yes, I am really happy and impressed about you Spencer! :) Really good job – you seem to be living life finally again! Fresh and positive!!! Thumbs up!

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