Bringing it all together – the ebook, sites, and community

We are getting very close to launching our new E-Book, and our sites now are ready to tie-together. Here I discuss the ideas that came about during a 2:30 conversation with Dainis over the weekend via skype.

The pieces all fit! Let’s make it happen ;-)

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3 comments on “Bringing it all together – the ebook, sites, and community
  1. Dainis says:

    Hey Spencer,
    love your video! :) Thanks for taking time to make it!

    You explain that treasure map, roadmap part on ebook so much better than I ever could – after all it was your idea! Great you shared, explained it to others the same way you did with me!

    Really agree with Ramith example and love that we work together, because I know you really know how to handle clients – I know that you kept selling even me, since it has became such a natural habit of yours! ;D

    Love this natural side of yours! Ah you are getting me so excited as well! My candle is lighted as well! :)

  2. Paula says:

    This sounds awesome! I understand that this whole thing is still in the making. When are you going to start accepting people to the program?

    • Spencer Forman says:

      Hi Paula,
      we’re actually doing it as we speak! If you want to get started now you can do so…our forum is in place and we’re here to help. The first video I just posted here has to do with the membership capability of our new system. Check it out under “How to create a responsive WordPress membership site” ;-)

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