Bye beard, hello community!


Five months ago I promised to be 150% dedicated to the task of building the community. As of today we’re really off to a great start. We’ve had hundreds of students enroll, and some incredible success stories already. Each

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Let The Good Times Roll


Yada, yada!! Austria – Dainis is on his way! Enjoy your time Looking forward to see you back!

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Working from Home in the Philippines – Problems and Perks

rean john uehara

One of the best things that has ever happened to me was 1stwebdesigner, and I’ll never leave even if you hold me at gunpoint! Anyway, it’s not much, but this is my offering to you guys, since I know some

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Our New System And The Way We Organize Things

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Today can be the first day of the rest of YOUR life… it is for me

Photo Courtesy of Dustin Brunson Photography

Sometimes something very painful and unexpected can have positive results… if you are open to the idea.

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Week In Review, MindValley Idea – Profit Sharing? Yes!

Team Building

In this sunny saturday I will share my excitement of our team work this week, how we are really pushing boundaries and love how we came out better this week! Thank you all! Click on headline to see my video

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Be angry for what you don’t have…or thankful for what you do?

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Speech: Why Startups Should Blog, Do Content Marketing?

Here is my first big public presentation in Techhub Startup community, where I talk basics how content marketing works, and why basically every company should start blogging, writing, engaging with their moving step further!

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Check How Did It Look At First – Bundle of Videos so far


Here I included all past videos created so far in nice bundle, because I don’t want to overfill 1WD Notes so quickly! Rean, Sufyan, James – your voices are still missing here! See you here and let’s get fun and

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Bringing it all together – the ebook, sites, and community


We are getting very close to launching our new E-Book, and our sites now are ready to tie-together. Here I discuss the ideas that came about during a 2:30 conversation with Dainis over the weekend via skype. The pieces all

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